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Teaching Concept

Unlike many other eikaiwa schools, I do not promise that a student can "learn to speak real English" in eight weeks. I also explain to my students that by means of conversation practice alone, you cannot improve your language skills much. It is correct that practice helps you to become more fluent, remember new words more easily and verbally react faster in a conversation, but if you really want to improve your language skills, it is also necessary to study grammar. Grammar is the foundation of language. If this foundation is faulty, it is impossible to build up really good language skills. I have noticed in many cases that sometimes people make the same mistakes for years and years because their grammar is wrong at some point. That means if you do not understand your grammar, no matter how much you practice, there is a chance you continue to make the same mistakes. Practice does not eliminate mistakes automatically. Understanding and practice are two separate parts of good language education. One cannot be without the other. 
In my lessons, I combine both parts as closely as possible. When I teach a new grammar rule, I practice this rule in conversation exercises. When my students practice free conversation and make a mistake, I correct them and also teach the grammar rule if necessary.
My lesson approach is very individualistic. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. So I teach every student differently according to their needs. But in all cases, good language skills can only be achieved if all parts of language education are combined: conversation practice, grammar, reading, listening understanding and writing skills. Most importantly, language must be applied actively: I always ask my students to express their own opinions and make their "own" sentences. This is when language is the most fun: When you can express your own mind!