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German Study Strategy

2015/01/20 投稿

If you study German, you will always experience that sometimes you want to say something, but you just don't know the gender of a noun or whether to use a definite article (der, die das) or an indefinite article (ein, eine, ein). And then which case (nominative, genitive, dative or accusative) is the correct one??

Many of my students - in order to avoid making a mistake in front of their teacher - just leave away articles, sometimes even propositions too. That's not a good strategy for two reasons. First, no article is no better than a wrong article. It's still a mistake and usually a worse mistake than just choosing the wrong gender. And if you don't know the gender, just guess! You have a 33% chance! While choosing no article is mostly wrong.

The second reason is that if you always leave away articles and ignore the case as well, then your German will never improve. You should try to get the articles and prepositions as correct as you can. If you make a mistake, don't worry about it. But you should try at least. Look at your basic grammar rules again! After all, if you really want to master German, there is no way around grammar! 

But keep in mind: Grammar is your friend!

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My favorite German writer!

2015/01/12 投稿

I'd like to present my favorite book of my German & English library!
It's a collection of the best stories by Wilhelm Bush (1832-1908), a German humorist, poet and illustrator. He wrote and illustrated very funny and satirical stories about German life, culture, religion and especially people.
He was influenced by Schopenhauer and therefore has quite a pessimistic view of humans. He mostly uses rhyming couplets that are so beautiful to read and funny:

Hier sitzt Herr Bartelmann im Frei'n
Und taucht sich seine Bretzel ein.


One of my favorite German writers: Wilhelm Busch.One of my favorite German writers: Wilhelm Busch.

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This school supports Charlie Hebdo!

2015/01/09 投稿

Let's support and think of our friends in France!

We stand together against religious fanatics, terrorists and haters in general who want to force us to change the way we think.

We will fight for freedom of speech and secularism. No God or prophet stands above human joke, wit and irony!




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Happy new year 2015!!!

2015/01/05 投稿

Oh no...I have acccidently deleted all my prior blog entries!! Too bad...so anyway, I`ll just write a new one now!

I wish all my students and friends a happy, new year 2015! Please stay healthy, don`t drink alcohol or smoke and of course try to improve your language skils! :-)

As you can see in the pic, my school understands Japanese customs well! :)


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