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German English False Friend Quiz

2015/03/04 投稿

Do you have false friends? 

If you are studying both English and German, you will realize that both languages have many similarities. Very often words in both languages look similar or are even the same! But sometimes this is a trap! 

Answer my quiz to find out if you have false friends!!!

1. The most famous one: "bekommen" in German does not mean "to become". What does it mean?
A. to order, to command
B. to get, to receive, to have
C. to check, to control
D. to see, to perceive

2. Also a very popular one: "sensibel" does not mean "sensible" but what?
A. sensitive
B. senseless
C. sensual
D. sententious

3. Another example: "sympathisch" is *not* the German word for "sympathetic". Which, then, is the correct word for the English?
A. vernünftig, verantwortungsbewusst
B. verständnisvoll, mitfuehlend
C. empfindlich, wehleidig
D. zickig, undurchsichtig

4. German "Formular" and English "formula" are also likely to be mixed up. What is the correct German word for "formula"?
A. Form
B. Formalien
D. Formel, Schema

5. A rather morbid one that has often caused much confusion is the difference between German "Unternehmer" and English "undertaker". What is an undertaker known as in German?
A. Geschäftsmann
B. Bauunternehmer
C. Leichenbestatter
D. Gerichtsmediziner, Pathologe

6. Some people falsely translate "gültig" as "guilty". But that's not correct ... What is the correct word for "gültig"?
A. innocent
B. valid
C. true

7. "Eventuell" and "eventually" - mixing these two is very popular. They don't mean the same. What is the correct English word for "eventuell"?
A. finally
B. perhaps, possibly
C. consistently
D. consequently

8. There's a "Gymnasium" in German and a "gymnasium" in English. Yet these two are different things. What is a German "Gymnasium"?
A. college, university
B. elementary school
C. high school, grammar school
D. kindergarten

9. "Aktuell" is not "actual". How would the English word 'actual' be translated into German?
A. schliesslich
B. schrecklich
C. persönlich
D. eigentlich

10. "My meaning is the following..." - that's what a German native speaker might say to his boss. Of course, what he wanted to say was something different. Which German word did he falsely translate as "meaning"?
A. Minen
B. Meinung
C. Miene
D. Minne